This is a set of mechanics for playing or creating a d20+d6 role-playing game without corporate attachments.
Links to collections I keep, and even collections by other itch creators!
Additional rules to extend Cezar Capacle's PUSH SRD
A Solo or GM-agnostic tool for creating scenes using a six-sided die and a tarot deck
A High Fantasy Solarpunk setting for fantasypunk or any other game
A micro setting of weird and perhaps pointless fantasy.
A game of incredible and fallible characters, the way they approach the world around them, and the burdens they carry.
A Solarpunk Hack of Lasers & Feelings About Community and Caring
A hopeless game about Giant Metal Bodies doing war.
You are a Spellblade, and the power you wield will be your demise.
Princess of Pain // Princesses in Pain - tales of Sword and Sorcery written in glitter and blood
Be you, draw power from the irl moon and bond with the elements in a Solarpunk alternate future
What will your garden provide?
You're a mermaid who came to the surface to explore the ruins of the world of humans.
A journaling game about Making impossible futures possible
A narrative system for generating number stats based on prompts.
A Belonging Outside Belonging game in a Solarpunk future.
A minimalist system for resolving challenges in any setting.
This is, well, a database of resources for TTRPG creators.
A list of articles, games, resources and blogs involving safety tools and their application in TTRPG games.
A newsletter about new projects, interesting games and what not.

Safety Tools and Wellbeing for TTRPG

Some cool things you can pick to use at your table for safer games. Did I miss any safety tools? Feel free to contact me on Twitter or leave a comment on the curated list of safety tools page .

What if there was a game like D&D but not by a Racist Corp

A list of games for people who want to play dragon game-esque games. A lot of these do the dragon game better than it does itself. Some are more tactical, some more narrative, some more exploratory, some more crunchy, some less, and there's...