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A TTRPG about exploring the world, meeting people, delving into dungeons and watching for each other. A dungeonpunk hack.

This is a work in progress as some of the systems and parts are yet to come, but I figured I'd release this for the dunJAMpunk and for playtest.

I've shared the Google Doc below so that you can leave a comment and look at what's planned or started for the next update.

What's different:

  • five stats: Kind, Fierce, Curious, Confident, and Attuned;
  • the peasant class is now the Keeper, with moves focused on taking care of others and communicating;
  • Hit points are replaced by a leveled harm system;
  • stress is called Heroic Points and is used both to reduce harm as well as improve your rolls.

What's new:

  • an equipment and encumbrance system based on Anti-Hammespace - gear adds dice to your moves and can be damaged, losing efficiency and maybe even breaking;
  • a procedural move-based hex/point-crawl generator inspired by Wanderhome's natures - the players build the world as they journey;
  • moves to create NPCs, inspired by Wanderhome's kith traits.

What's next:

  • party group care moves;
  • bonds between characters- DONE in v2.0;
  • a specialization: the Wayfinder - DONE in v2.0
  • a procedural move-based dungeon generator - the players create the dungeons - DONE in v2.0
  • a character sheet;
  •  an online character keeper - DONE (character keeper);
  • a party worksheet - a kind of character sheet shared by the party - DONE in v2.0;
  • illustrations, art and cover.

Necessary Plugin:

Dungeons & Direct Actions: an add-on for dungeonpunk that puts an antifascist spin on the dungeoneering enterprise. Kick in the doors of fash bases, liberate oppressed people, and teach gods and masters the error of their ways!

Interesting Plugins:

I've put together a collection in items you can use together with fantasypunk, including generators and a game setting. Click here to go see the collection.

  • Any from #dunJAMpunk, really. Just check them out.
  • Hinterland: Peoples and Perils: a resource for generating locations and encounters for wilderness exploration.
  • DODMAN: a business card-sized tool for quickly and randomly generating pointcrawl maps using a coin, paper, pencil and a flat surface.
  • Hexcrawl Tool: a simple tool to hexcrawl procedurally.


fantasypunk is dungeonpunk hack by Ash McAllan, one of the coolest approaches to fantasy games Powered by the Apocalypse.


fantasypunk is published under the Anti-Capitalist Attribution Cooperative License.

Fonts used in the game: Quando and Atkinson Hyperlegible.


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fantasypunk-1.0.pdf 2 MB
fantasypunk-1.0.txt 26 kB
fantasypunk Character Keeper
fantasypunk 2.1 - WIP
fantasypunk 2.0 Character Keeper
Anti-Capitalist Attribution Cooperative License.pdf 77 kB
Anti-Capitalist Attribution Cooperative License.txt 14 kB
fantasypunk-1.0 - Google Doc (for comments & Suggestions)
fantasypunk 1.0 - Web Published

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