#11 - A Long Due Update

So somehow I disabled reviews and ratings! I am very sorry about that. You can rate and review now!

I've updated the game to version 2.1.2.

There are a bunch of changes, a few major!

1. Hosting on GitHub

I wrote about it here, but in short, GitHub allows me to apply a particular workflow that is quite productive and organized for me.

I am also using the GitHub page as a hosting platform for the game as a work in progress.

2. This is an Ashcan Version

I am learning a lot about writing games, including stuff about logs, versions and so on.

When I released fantasypunk at first, the idea was to make a small thingie, a hack of dungeonpunk with just some 9mostly) small differences.

It turns out that this has become a big experiment in writing, design and other skills. It is not to say that this project won't find a conclusion, on the contrary, it will. It is going to be a finished, polished game, as good or as bad as it gets, but a work of love anyway.

3. Pricing

I am going to do that for all my releases but I am arriving at a different pricing and distribution philosophy, I'll write about it in more depth another time. Let it be said that the $5 tag represents a pre-release price that will be updated once we get to the final release.

4. Is there a Roadmap?

Yeah, I gotta put a roadmap together. Moving to GitHub was motivated by my desire to keep up with the past as the work evolves. Now I must trace a path to the future.

So soon enough I am going to lay a roadmap to indicate the directions the game is going, especially as I intend to itchfund it towards its final form.

5. Changes from the previous version

Tracking prior to this version is tricky, but I must point out the main development: basic moves.

I decided to do away with the classic Act Under Fire type moves in favour of a set of catch all basic moves that drive the narrative in more specific directions. See the example below:

Be Kind
When you are kind
, ask the GM or another player what their character, a place or another entity needs. Ask yourself how you could fulfil that need, then roll Kind.
Decide how you are interacting with the fiction, with the game mechanics, or both, and discuss it with the GM and the rest of the Party.
On a solid hit, choose two keys. On a messy hit choose one. On a miss, brace yourself.
Keys: heal, treat, aid, relate, bond, empathize, deescalate, trust, inspire, support, sway, disarm.
Describe how the keys you picked factor in the outcome.

This move is still a ways from its final form, but the concept is two-fold:

  • Each Trait has its own basic move. That way the traits feel even more intrinsic to the qualities the characters are expected to portray (or betray).
  • More sophisticated moves will fall back into the basic moves, working off from them, adding new questions, mechanics or options. Ideally, the whole moveset should be modular and (hopefully) intuitive.

There is plenty to work on and playtest, but I am liking the general direction this is going.


In any case, I am going to keep y'all updated on these developments. Please leave a comment or question or something if you can.


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Mar 06, 2022

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