#16 - Mechanics - Core Moves

Initially published on dice.camp.

So here we go, based on Finding Styles, which in turn is based on An Abomination, I am trying to refine a core set of moves for fantasypunk.

The core set of moves I got is this:

  • roleplay: what your characters says or does before an outcome is in question (before rolling dice);
  • consider: ask the fiction whether you should roll if an outcome is in question;
  • chance: roll to determine an outcome;
  • shape: create or build upon an element within the fiction, it is vetoed by the group;
  • lure: invite other players to create or build upon an element of the fiction by asking questions;

breaking down each move, starting with roleplay

the goal here is to wrap a kind of “what is/how to role play” into a move format:

“When you express how your character acts, moves, and feels, and no outcome is in question, describe or enact your character’s words and deeds within the established fiction.”

Basically… nearly everything your character does. This is simple enough and I am tying to remain lean in the word count.

The tricky ones start next.

Interrogate is a kind of “check in” when the outcome of an action is in question.

“When the outcome of your character’s words and deeds is in question, determine with the other Players which of these statements are true:

  • I can go about it effortlessly or leisurely;
  • I can go about it free from external pressure;
  • I can go about it with my strongest trait.”

There are a few ways to go about it.

  • all yes: why roll?
  • 1-2 yes: you roll
  • 0 yes: could you even try this in the first place?

There is a bit of a limbo in the 1-2 “yes” space: I could offer the carrot or the stick here, or I could just reduce the number of questions by one there and the whole thing becomes a trinary instead of a quad… instead of four possibilities.

The outcome of this move either sends the players back to the start of the loop (roleplay) or to roll the dice.

Here is when we finally see the classic PbtA approach!

Roll dice, get a big hit, a medium hit, or a miss.

As for the last 2 moves…

I’ll continue on another post.

Suffice to say that the 2 last bits got an extra influence from Co-Op Dice Mechanics (link below).

Check it out it’s pretty interesting!


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