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Life Path Stats

We will need a grid. Let's start with a 4x6 grid. I'm gonna use the examples for a game I got a concept for, which I currently call Warrior/Princess.

I thought of using this for a hack of Lasers and Feelings. By answering the prompts, we will figure out what is the Stat Number (or the numbers for multiple stats.

Mark how strongly each statement is true (2) or false (4) on the grid below.

Life Paths Fig. 1

A 4x6 grid. Each column is numbered from 2-4. Besides each line of the grid on the right side, there is a sentence, specifically in this order:
"Your childhood was full of love and care.
You socialized aplenty as you grew.
You mastered subtlety and poise.
You easily learned to accept privilege.
You were taught how to compromise.
You were taught to plan and delegate."

I've come up with two ways to go about it.

a) mark an answer in the first row, then move down, and only to an adjacent roll.
Going left means that you strongly agree with that row's statement.
Going right means that you strongly disagree.
Staying in the middle means neither (or both). See the examples below:

LifePath Fig. 2

Two examples of filling in the grid according to example a. In the first example, from top to bottom, each row is marked with an X on columns 5, 4, 5, 4, 4, 5, respectively. The final number for the Warrior/Princess Stat is 4. In the second example, the rows are marked on columns 3, 3, 4, 3, 2, 3, respectively. The final number is 2.

The last row determines your Stat number.

b) Assign a stat to each row. The stats you assign are somehow related to the prompt assigned to that row too.
Now just check your answer for each prompt, going from "strongly agree" (2) to "strongly disagree" (4).
Now each stat has its own number, which, in this hack, means an action or approach you must roll over or under, depending on whether you are doing it as a Warrior or Princess.

LifePath Fig. 3

In the example, the rows are marked on columns 2,4,3,5,3,5, respectively. Each row is named according to a stat, and its number: Kindness 2, Etiquette 4, Influence 3, Command 5. Grit 3, Prowess 5.

You can also restrict answers to adjacent columns like in example a.


Life Path Stats by Gabriel Caetano, CC-BY SA 4.0

By using this material, partially or wholly, you agree to punch fascists and stomp on bigotry. You will respect your fellow players and their needs, concerns, and traumas. At any point for any reason, a player can veto elements of the narrative that are being brought in. You will not use my words in this game to justify harming others.


Tech intended for a hack of Lasers and Feelings, by John Harper


This tech was inspired by the Brain Trust Podcast episode Quantum Hex.


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this is very cool

and I immediately want to experiment with putting prompts on both sides - maybe on different rows, maybe sometimes on the same row

maybe opposite "you mastered subtlety and poise" is "you mastered presence and resistance"

I wanna play with this


Did you ever do anything with it? I’d love to see it!


Not yet - got distracted immediately, as is our wont. Gonna make a note to do so in the future, though.

Also, just to credit our inspiration, this video about videogamer motivations is what got us thinking about defining both ends of a scale asymmetrically.