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Shenanigans is my first ever entry on itch.io. It's a system for resolving challenges with a d20. To resolve a challenge, the characters must tackle tasks, 

The GM will roll a difficulty dice. A character must roll above that number, or they fall short, and below their Competence + their Approach dice. If they roll above that number, they fail by trying too hard.

The Competences are stats based on the setting being played. If you play a fantasy setiing, your competences might be Moxie, Sorcery and Sehanigans. If you play Sci-Fi, swap that for Blasting, Sliceing and Shenanigans. Wanna play a Slice of Life game? What about Fun, Charming and Awkward? It really is up to you!


Shenanigans - A Setting-Neutral System for Resolving Challenges.pdf 83 kB

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