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Solarpunk High Fantasy

Sol is a world of bright, sunlit lands and huge, grey oceans, filled with great magics, powerful relics and intelligent constructs, but is also rife with forgotten technologies. The peoples of Sol are happy and peaceful, known for their kindness and generosity, and have adopted lifestyles and cultures that are very dependent on magic and technological relics.

This Document Contains:

  • a solarpunk fantasy setting outline, filled with powerful magic and technological relics from ancient civilisations;
  • character options: 3 Community Trends and 5 Professions;
  • 4 groups and organisations;
  • 10 fantastical locations.

Future Implementations to Sol

These are some things the setting could benefit from, from a game perspective. Maybe I'll get to them sooner, maybe later.

  • Random tables for character origins;
  • Notable creatures;
  • Uncanny relics and magical items;
  • Adventure hooks;

Accessible Formats

Sol - Relics Unearthed is accessible as epub, pdf, web version (through Notion) and text-only.

License and Attributions

By using this material, partially or wholly, you agree to punch fascists and stomp on bigotry. You will respect your fellow players and their needs, concerns, and traumas. At any point for any reason, a player can veto elements of the narrative that are being brought in. You will not use my words in this game to justify harming others.

Sol - Relics Unearthed is a creation of Gabriel Caetano, published under the Anti-Capitalist Attribution Cooperative License.


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Sol - Relics Unearthed.txt 14 kB

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